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Take your Digital Marketing skills to the next level

Learn how to set up, run and analyse Facebook and Instragam ads in less than 3 hours!

Are you looking to....

Save money by learning how to run your own online ads
Make more money by increasing sales through social media
Learn how to become a digital marketer
All of the above?
Then the DIY Membership Program is perfect for you!

What will you have access to?

For only $9.99 per month you'll receive ALL of the following:
Guide To Paid Social Advertising Course
Access to our "Guide To Paid Social Advertising" course (usually $249.99) which will give you the foundational knowledge you'll need to successfully run Facebook and Instagram ads (check out the intro video below for more information).
Digital Marketing Training Videos
New and exclusive training videos uploaded every month.
Marketing Ebook
FREE Marketing eBook every month (normally $9.99 each).
Exclusive Content
Exclusive content sent straight to your inbox (including digital marketing tips/blogs/features and much more).

Intro video to the Paid Social Advertising Course

Which comes exclusively with the DIY Membership Program:

This course will guide you through the following...

Introduction and how to navigate Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager
How to create an ad campaign from start to finish
How to create quality, engaging ads
Learning the language of digital advertising
How to set up different types of campaigns and why/when to use them
How to understand the results you achieve and how to access reports

Hosted by Paid Social expert Dan Silver who has over 10 years' experience in the advertising industry.

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