In this first video I'll be showing you all of the important sections of Business Manager that you'll need to be aware of before setting up your first ad campaign. There's a huge amount of sections but in this video I'll be highlighting the select few that are essential. I'll also touch on the importance of the FB pixel and why it's necessary to ensure it's setup on your website before you start your first campaign.

If you haven't got a background in advertising, a lot of the language used can be quite confusing. So I created this video in order to explain what each of the terms mean. In Learning the Lingo Part 1 I discuss all of the key terminology you'll need to understand in order to set up your ad campaign. This includes the different types of campaigns that you can run and how they work. As well as everything to do with a campaign's ad sets and the actual ads themselves. You can also download the document below for reference.

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In this short video I show you how to navigate Ads Manager. This is where you'll be creating, managing and editing your ad campaigns. You'll learn how to edit each part of your campaign and where you can view the performance, breakdown and reports for your ads. After this you'll be ready to set up and run your first ad campaign.

In this rather long video (apologies in advance) I take you through a step by step guide of how to set up an ad campaign from start to finish. Below is everything that's covered and by the end you'll have all the information you need to successfully set up your first ad campaign.


Ad Sets


Creating quality, engaging ads is essential if you want your campaigns to be successful. So many ads get overlooked on social media as they fall short of what's needed to stand out. I put this short presentation together to give you an insight into what's necessary for an ad to get noticed. I discuss the importance of language and imagery, creative do's and don'ts, and the reasons for using different creatives for different ad placements and why. You can also download the presentation below if needed.

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In the previous 'Creating An Ad Campaign' video I took you through how to set up a traffic driving campaign. In the one above I show you how to set up Message, Lead Generation and Conversion campaigns. The set up for these is slightly different from your more basic Reach/Brand Awareness/Traffic Driving and require some additional information and content. I explain how they're set up and why they're useful.

In Learning The Lingo Part 2 I explain all the terminology used with regards to results and reporting. I go over everything you'll need to understand once your ads are delivering and you start to see results coming through. Click the link below to download the document.

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Understanding how your campaign is performing and the results it's generating is crucial. There's no point spending money on ad campaigns and not knowing whether or not they're working. It's also vitally important that you don't run a campaign and then just leave it. Knowing how to slightly alter it to optimise it's performance can be the difference between a successful campaign or a failed one. Below are the key aspects that I discuss in this video.